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What is Marketing?

Marketing is locating and communicating to specific people who believe in what you do or what you make- "people like us like things like this" - Seth Godin is an influencer of our philosophy


Get Your Business Attention and Noticed by Those Who are Most Likely to Use Your Services or Products

We assist businesses in selling services, products, or promoting their identity by creating, curating, and strategically delivering effective messaging to specifically targeted audiences. Our expertise is in digital content creation and delivery for consumption on electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, desktop PC's, and smart TV's.

* In other words- we increase your sales or get your business name in front of more people, specifically those who are using mobile electronics, more than anything else, this generation *

Online = Must:

Cell phones and computers are the main gateway to people's attention. Bottom line- if you're not marketing your business in this space, you're SILENT.



We create short and long term marketing plans (typically called "campaigns") that define the who, what, where, when, and how based on the goals of your business. Reasons to create campaigns include: promoting a new product or line, getting attention for your business identity, or generating new prospects to introduce your business to.

In other words - short & long term plans are created to make sure we achieve your marketing goals 🏁


The phrase, "content is king", isn't just a catch phrase. Film studios, musical artists, digital publications, and yes, even marketing, succeeds or fails based on content (typically referred to as "messaging"). The writing (called "copy"), graphics, video, and audio support the most important piece of all- the content. We create content based on your campaigns goal.

In other words - we can produce  content for promoting your business using written, graphics, audio, or video


Would you go to your local hardware store to buy butter or milk? Chances are you wouldn't. Placement of marketing matters just as much as placement of physical products! Where you focus your marketing will dictate who receives your message and affect its' results. We review the placement of content and explain WHY so you know ahead of time.

In other words - placing your content is just as important as creating it, you can leave that up to us 👍🏼

Age DOESN'T Matter:

Well established businesses need marketing and innovation just as much as start-ups... just ask Toys 'R' Us about Amazon (spoiler: Toys 'R' Us went bankrupt).


Because of digital networks, marketing and
advertising has never been more...



500,000,000 Instagrammers use the app every day.

Amazon.com is the number one e-tailer because it dominated Googles advertising in early 2000's.

Linkedin is the #1 platform for B2B lead generation, rated by marketers.

Facebook has over 2,000,000,000 people login to its site every month.

Spotify is the #1 music platform worldwide with 
roughly 70,000,000 listeners who listen to ads.

Digital marketing provides detailed delivery and fantastic results.

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